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Twist Klips

Twist Klips™ are a fast and easy way to seal balloons and attach curling ribbon, all in one quick step.
The Twist Klips™ Clip Dispenser straps to the side of your helium tank (secured with a steel band around the top of the tank), the Twist Klips™ On A String are inserted into the dispenser.
Inflate the balloon, twist the neck of the balloon, and push the neck and a strand of curling ribbon (available here) into the Twist Klips™ dispenser.
The Twist Klips™ clip will automatically "snap" shut, sealing the balloon and attaching the ribbon in one motion.
The Twist Klips™ method is a fast and easy alternative to hand tying latex balloons.

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Twist Klips ™ Clip Dispenser
Required for Twist Klips™ Clips

$24.99 each
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Click for Close Up
Twist Klips™ On A String
4 "Strings" of 25 plastic clips
Requires Twist Klips™ Clip Dispenser
$4.99 per 100 clips
Twist Klips™ On A String - Bulk
40 "Strings" of 25 plastic clips
Requires Twist Klips™ Clip Dispenser
$40.99 per 1000 clips

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