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Advertising Balloon Info

Fastest growing method of outdoor advertising

Attract people passing your location

Like having your very own billboard, but at a fraction of the cost

Great for Grand Openings, Trade Shows, Dealer Sales, Fairs and Festivals

Can be seen from blocks, or even miles away




Cloudbusters, Blimps, Hot Air Balloons and Spheres

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Cloudbuster Balloons


If you feel the need to draw attention to it with our Giant Advertising Balloons. There are LOTS of examples of Giant Advertising Balloons and ideas on how they can be used here: Big Inflatables.

Available in 5-foot latex or vinyl blimp, hot-air balloon or sphere shapes, these advertising balloons are sure to bring you outstanding visual impact. Vinyl inflatables are currently the fastest growing method of outdoor advertising, and are a necessity when you require the attention of customers passing by.

If you've ever thought of using a billboard for business, these Giant Advertising Balloons are definitely for you. Not only do they offer a huge visual impact, but they steer customers directly to your business. Just follow the tether rope or pennant flags downward...and there you are!

Also excellent for use at trade shows, street fairs, flea markets, auto dealership promotions, etc...the possibilities are endless.

Size Differences/Comparisons/Care

Giant Inflatables usage can range from one to two days (single use latex Cloudbusters) to months (any of the larger vinyl inflatables). As with all inflatables, weather, humidity, temperature and winds affect the longevity of use. We recommend Cloudbusters for short promotions, since they are only viable for 2 to 3 days. Vinyl Inflatables can be reused -- allow them to fly for a week or so, then "pump them up" with a little extra helium. Every few weeks, allow the vinyl inflatable to "relax" away from the weather elements. Taking care of your giant inflatables, you will find, really extends their lifespan.

5-foot Cloudbusters -- single-use latex inflatable available in 6 bright colors
Blimp Shapes -- vinyl inflatable in 13-foot, 17-foot and 20-foot sizes
Hot Air Balloon Shapes -- vinyl inflatable in 8-foot and 12-foot sizes
Sphere Shapes -- vinyl inflatable in 7-foot and 10-foot sizes

Once you've selected your Giant Advertising Balloon, be sure to check out the Pennant Flags and Accessories for each inflatable. You can never attract too much attention to your business!

Custom Shapes and Designs are available -- please check out our Custom page to see what we can do.

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